All bushings manufactured by OEMMCCO are produced on CNC turning centers. From prototype runs to full production level, all parts are manufactured using regular production equipment. This ensures that prototypes are truly representative of the final production part and manufacturing process.

Our facility is equipped with OKUMA CNC turning centers almost exclusively. The use of one manufacturer (and their controllers), allows us to maximize the flexibility of manufacturing scheduling as the machines are virtually interchangeable (within machine capacity limits of course).

Our full-time programmer uses high level, advanced programming techniques for all parts. We have developed subroutines for all common bushing characteristics that are stored permanently on each controller. These subroutines are called out from the main part program, allowing the machinist to focus on a quick setup with minimal debugging of a new part as the subroutines are already installed and validated on the controller..

… true ID elliptical grooves on a CNC machine. This is one of our specialties.

We have also developed proprietary programs allowing the production of true ID elliptical grooves on a CNC machine.

We hold tight tolerances during the rough machining operation to improve the efficiency of subsequent processes. Also, in the case of our Bar-Feed workstations, we incorporate secondary operations such as drilling, part marking, chamfering, etc. concurrently with the rough machining. This improves product flow and reduces overall machining time.

Since the vast majority of the parts we manufacture are from Alloy steel, we have developed custom formula grinding wheel composition to optimize the finish grinding process on both the OD and the ID. This minimizes the amount of time required for finish grinding as well as reducing the chance of grinder burn.

All of our Centerless OD grinders are equipped with gravity feed part chutes to provide a smooth and continuous parts processing. We process parts to the final OD size and surface finish before passing the parts on to the ID grinding department.

Our ID grinding department is one of the most versatile in the industry. We can accommodate a wide range in ID sizes with our small, medium, and large ID grinders. For larger production runs, we have Auto-load grinders which greatly reduce cycle time for long runs.

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